Food Trends

There’s nothing more exciting for the taste buds then taking a culinary tour of the world. Combining the citrus tang of Thai cuisine, the robust flavor of French sauces and Chinese cooking techniques are only a few new food trends.

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Berry Good Parfaits

Chef Larry Barrett Simply Gourmet Caterers Strawberry lovers your moment has arrived. Everyone loves dessert, but sometimes you just need a few bites. These petite strawberry parfaits deliver big taste in small glasses. Totally irresistible and elegant, these “few bite

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A Matter of Taste

Chef Larry Barrett Simply Gourmet Caterers A tasting should be one of the highlights of planning your wedding, one of the first steps in making your dream a reality. Start by contacting three caterers by phone or email. Do your

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Southern Italian Salad Caprese

Chef Larry Barrett~Simply Gourmet Caterers Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Chef Judi’s Dish This Salad Caprese has a twist. The Southern in this Italian dish is American Southern. I love fried green tomatoes, crunchy and tangy~they make a great foil for

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Chilled Coconut Soup with Fruit Jewels

Thai Coconut Milk (19 oz. Can)* Thai Pure Coconut Cream (13.5 oz. Can)* Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut (15 oz. Can) 4 Cups Half & Half 5 Ginger Coins ¼ Inch Thick 1 Cup Shredded Sweetened Coconut Zest of Two

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The Royal Tea

I am fascinated about combining fine cuisine and history. Researching the culinary past is a springboard for creating ideas for the future. The everlasting catch phrase “everything old is new again” definitely applies to food. My signature productions of White

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Vegetable Curry

Simply Gourmet Caterers~Chef Larry Barrett~941/685-1121 Chef Judi’s Dish~Tuesday, October 8, 2013 My vegetable curry is fragrant and exotic. The secret~use a combination of wet and dry spices. The addition of coconut milk and a drop of heavy cream add a

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A Gift from the Heart

Creating personalized gifts for your friends and family during the holidays is a great way to share some happiness.  For years now, I have been rolling and sending hand made chocolate truffles to my loved ones. Truffles are the tastiest

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