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The Scenestress dines with Danger

February 21, 2012 | Ticket Sarasota

I�ll be the first to say it: my laugh sounds like the lovechild of a hyena and a donkey. I certainly made that fact public knowledge the other week up at the Crosley Theatre.

If you haven�t heard the news, Chef Larry Barrett, the culinary history buff behind Simply Gourmet, doesn�t keep his talent locked away in the kitchen all the time. He�s also quite the thespian. He has donned his director�s hat for the first-ever theatrical reproduction of The Firesign Theatre, a cult comedy troupe that started cracking folks up with their oddball radio shows back in the �60s and �70s. Barrett even got an official nod of approval from members of the original cast!

The resulting �Dining with Danger� production is a triple threat of food, music and comedy. You bet your sweet what-have-you that I wasted no time getting a seat at one of the tables � next to Les and Pam McCurdy, would you believe it! Sarasota�s comedy royalty go way back with Barrett, so of course we were graced with several table visits from the top dog himself.

The spread, a menu replica of America�s premier fine dining joint Delmonico�s, was exquisite. I now have a recurring dream about the warm vichyssoise with its droplets of white truffle oil, and Mr. McCurdy insisted I take a second portion of apple crumble. The attentive staff all kept the merlot flowing, too. Fully stuffed, I found a seat downstairs and relaxed into Robby Rose�s sultry piano jazz.

Before the side-splitting began, cast members Keith Chrismon and Joelle Davis regaled us with song. Davis emerged in a black dress slit �up to there,� emerald elbow-length gloves and a voluptuous feather boa to match. Some may know her as the Black Diamond Burlesque�s sexy songstress Lotta Love, but she still turned me on as much as always while keeping all her clothes � except for some key accessories, which were unceremoniously flung at the stage manager.

The musical interlude over, it was time for the characters to get even deeper into character � we were looking at actors playing nuttier actors playing total wackos, you see. That �fourth wall� between play and audience became hilariously convoluted as dubious hero Nick Danger attempted to solve the mystery of a long-lost love � I think, anyway. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the drugs those Firesign boys were on, but the onstage antics got downright weird. I simply swallowed the outrageous final plot twist without thinking anything of it. At that point, I was gasping for air, tears of mirth squeezing out of my eyes from the over-the-top sound effects, hysterical character voices and every single Beatles reference.

If you like your slapstick slightly psychedelic, then get a ticket right away before the final show on March 1. This kind of humor leaves you picking the corn out of your teeth, but it has its subtle moments � as well as many moments of �what the � ?� Plus, you will be mightily well-fed. �Dining with Danger� is an indulgence for the belly as well as the funny bone.

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